The People’s Point

The People’s Point, an Antiguan Waterfront Community

Get to know Point and its environs including Villa. At one period, Point contained a large burial ground with people living among its tombstones. Later, this area developed into the cultural capital of Antigua and Barbuda with artistes including panmen, calypsonians, mas builders, skilled craftsmen and artisans, avid sportsmen and women, and other skilled personnel such as waterfront workers, fishermen, the list goes on. Hellsgate is covered extensively from its inception.

Point and Villa schools and churches play a significant role in the development of the people in the community and farther afield. There’s much to be learnt from these institutions. St. John’s Harbour and surrounding businesses have made considerable contributions to the development of the area and the island in general.

Be mesmerised by the talents of people like Agard, Townsend, Laviscount and others as their talents are displayed. See how boat builders and fishermen developed their craft to provide for the residents. Your heart will be warmed when you see how philanthropists and educators devote themselves to the well-being and development of others. We can’t forget characters like Beauboy and Quarkoo who add colour and flair to the community.

Read all about six generations of the Winter family and their contributions to Point and Antigua & Barbuda in general. Their history began when John Winter, born in Bristol in England in 1789, came to Antigua and was manager of Barbuda slaves from 1827. He later worked in Antigua and was the first generation of the Winter family in Point and elsewhere. Direct descendants include Chalmers and Tian Winter. John Winter’s tombstone may be found at the Public Cemetery in St. Johns even today.

Did you know that the Kanneh-Masons, world renowned musicians, come from a long line of musicians including their grandmother Enid Prince Mason and great uncle Roland Prince of Point and many more before them? Read their whole story and see relevant pictures. Plantain sucker follow de root.

This book covers extensively Point and Villa sports. Get to know how residents excelled in the ancient game of oware (warri) cricket, football, basketball and many more sports in the community.

Read all about riots in Point in 1858, 1918 and other periods and how the Point people stood up for their own. Get to know the politicians and activists associated with Point and its environs. The new housing development at Dredge Bay is covered as well as Booby Alley new development. This book is packed with information about Point and its environs including Villa. It’s a must have, a must read – now available!

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