Coming Soon: Bethesda And Christian Hill Our History & Culture (Revised Edition)

The Bethesda and Christian Hill book on our culture and history has been completely revised with a new cover! The revised edition has been updated given new information received from the descendants of Charles Thwaites. Information includes photographs, a family tree from as far back as 1727, photographs and much more on the work carried out by Elizabeth and Charles Thwaites when they ministered to the enslaved on the estates around Bethesda.

See the work of another Thwaites – a renowned brilliant, dynamic descendant – a urologist – who is doing remarkable work in Antigua and other Caribbean islands. This selfless, unassuming young man is saving lives without bringing attention to himself.

We feature the work of some faithful dedicated church members, past and present, carrying out the work of the Methodist Church which started in the latter part of the 1700s. We admire them for dedicating their lives to serving others without looking for reward.

Read all about the story of Chapel Hill and early settlers there, many of whom came off the estates, some from elsewhere. You’ll see how the families and relatives on and around Chapel Hill live in small communities for ease of living. Hear first-hand accounts of early residents of Christian Hill how they cooperated with one another for their very survival.

Bethesda and Christian Hill have produced great singers and musicians who have handed down their talents to succeeding generations. In this book you can read exciting stories about their musical journey.

Capture the spirit of an obeah man in the 1940s as he attended to his clients for their money. His assistants were two toads who lived with him.

Be transported back to the time when Bethesda people banded together to protect their own. Even the police had to run out of the village from time to time. Also, no other village people were more resourceful than Bethesda people. Who else used cattle dung and the deadly manchineel tree wood to cook their food Lots more to see and read about. Look out for the release. Coming soon.

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