Barbuda and Betty’s Hope

The title Barbuda and Betty’s Hope: The Codrington Connection was carefully chosen as the book relates the history of the Codringtons in Barbuda and Antigua; also the people they enslaved on Barbuda and their descendants who have lived in Codrington Village over the centuries. The book gives a vivid history of the Codringtons’ proprietorship of Betty’s Hope and of people who lived and worked there. The Codrington Connection extends far beyond the borders of Antigua & Barbuda. There is hardly a Barbudan anywhere in the world—St. John’s Antigua, Toronto Canada, New York NY, Miami FL, Leicester UK—who does not call Barbuda home and have a longing for its simple way of life—trekking the plantation grounds, hunting the woods, camping, enjoying the fullness of nature, and reminiscing on family. They always seek to defend, protect and secure their legacy. They keep abreast of everything that occurs in Codrington and instill in their children that Barbuda is their ultimate home of which they must be proud. A few foreign investors have established important economic and cultural links. In recent times, even the British Monarchy left its mark. Diana, Princess of Wales, enjoyed staying at the K-Club. Yet the most important connection is that with Mother Africa from where their ancestors were taken some 330 years ago and from whom, I’m sure, they acquired the resolve to hold on to their beliefs and to respect family life against all odds. Although living on a tiny island in its single, historic village of Codrington, Barbudans, with pride of self and the tenacity to retain communal property rights, have always awed, touched, shaped and connected with people around the world.

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